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Delivery Information

We want your delivery experience to be as smooth as possible so it would be helpful if, when placing an order, you could inform us of any restrictions that there may be on site. In particular, we need to know;

  • If there are ANY overhead power-lines at the delivery address.
  • If you require the delivery vehicle to drive onto your private property (All deliveries normally kerb side only, you may be required to sign a damage disclaimer form if your delivery requires our lorry going onto private property)
  • If there are any width restrictions either accessing the site or on the site/property. i.e. Is there a narrow road with cars parking on either/both sides?
  • If there are any manholes or drain covers that may have a weight restriction.
  • Or, if there are any other known restrictions or hazards that we may need to be aware of.

You, or someone acting for you, should be available to receive the goods when we deliver unless it has been pre-arranged otherwise.

Is there a delivery charge?


For all ZONE 1 (Blue) orders under £50 (inc VAT) there is a £15 (inc VAT) delivery charge

DE5 DE7 DE21 DE72 DE75 NG8 NG9 NG10 NG16

For all ZONE 2 (Green) orders under £50 (inc VAT) there is a £20 (inc VAT) delivery charge

DE1 DE3 DE22 DE23 DE24 DE55 DE56 DE73 DE74 NG1 NG2 NG3 NG4 NG5 NG6 NG7 NG11 NG12 NG14 NG15 NG17 NG18


Non stocked special order items may incur additional charges.



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