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Vermiculite 100Ltr / 4 Cu ft Bag Vermiculite 100Ltr / 4 Cu ft Bag
Vermiculite 100Ltr / 4 Cu ft Bag

Vermiculite 100Ltr / 4 Cu ft Bag

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Completely fireproof, non-irritant and fibre-free, ultra-lightweight Micafil has many applications. Free flowing and easy to install, it is ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation in lofts, between floors, interior cavity walls and for pipe protection.

Exfoliated Vermiculite is well established as an excellent loose-fill thermal insulating material. Vermiculite significantly reduces the loss of heat in cold weather and keeps the interior cool in hot weather. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral - easy to handle, sound absorbent, resistant to decay, fire-resistant, odourless, fibre-free and non-irritant.
The free running properties of Vermiculite make it simple to install. Poured straight from the bag, it simply flows into and over all potential heat loss areas. Cover the whole loft floor with a continuous heat trapping carpet of insulation, level off, and the job's done! Remember - there is nothing to cut, shape or fold, making it ideal protection around pipes or cables or for filling in awkward corners.

In many homes where loft insulation has been installed for some time, there is often insufficient fill to meet today's higher standards. In others it has deteriorated, slumped or was badly laid. Vermiculite is one of the easiest ways of improving this. It seals and covers over existing material to any depth and automatically fills gaps missing between the joists and original insulation.