Tools & Hardware
As a stockist of the Ox range of tools we keep an extensive range from screwdrivers and wrenches to trowels and hammers.  To compliment this range we have a selection of branded tools.  We also carry a range of contractor’s tools including wheelbarrows, drainage shovels and tarmac rakes.


Nails come in all shapes, finishes and sizes these days and we have a selection that should permit you to complete any task that requires one.  Screws have also undergone some changes in the last few years and the self-cutting ones help to eliminate the need to pre-drill holes.  Add to that they can be used with a drill/driver that saves even more time.  Specialist concrete screws, anchors, bolts and cavity fixings fulfil the range available. 


We have a selection of door locks, handles and hinges in stock as well as a selection of cupboard and cabinet fittings.  And, for the outside there’s a choice of gate handles and latches.