As you can imagine, a builders' merchant, or building supplies company, should be able to cater for every builder's / DIY'ers needs on an ongoing basis. We pride ourselves on not only having all the knowledge, but also backing this up with all the stock.

Aside from our extensive stock range we also offer some additional services listed below so please talk to us in the knowledge that we'll understand you, know what you want, and know how to get hold of it on time, in the right place at the right time.

Additional Services

  • Brick Matching
    We have an extensive brick library and the knowledge and experience to be able to identify most bricks or offer an alternative.  If you have a brick that you’re trying to match up to then bring it along, or send us a photograph to, so that we can match it for you.  If you’re in our area, we are happy visit your property to take photos of the required brick for us to match. 

  • Patio Design
    We can help you create your perfect patio, we can provide you  with some suggestions on the different types of slabs available & help with the layout of the slabs according to the mix of sizes available.
  • Estimating (Materials)
    We offer a complete Estimating service from the smallest project up to building an extension or new house. (Charges can apply for estimating from detailed scaled drawings / plans)