Our local delivery area covers the following postcode areas.

(Sorry, we don't currently offer nationwide delivery)


KRM Delivery Area Map

Home Delivery

Delivery to my home or business


(Outlined in BLUE)

DE5  DE7  DE21  DE72  DE75  NG8  NG9  NG10  NG16


(Outlined in GREEN)

DE1  DE3  DE22  DE23  DE24  DE55  DE56  DE73  DE74  NG1  NG2  NG3  NG4  NG5  NG6  NG7  NG11  NG12  NG14  NG15  NG17  NG18

At KRM we pride ourselves on our fast local delivery service. We have a highly skilled team of drivers and crane operators that don’t just leave a Tonne of bricks or cement in the middle of your drive. We aim to place your order exactly where you want it subject to crane reachkerb side vehicle access.

We have vehicles at 32 Tonnes 26 Tonnes and 16 Tonnes. The larger vehicles have rear wheel steering to help us navigate smaller roads and obstacles. On our largest vehicle the crane extends to over 8 metres giving a lot of flexibility. The precision control of the crane allows us to make very slight alterations - within centimetres.


  1. You place your order on the website and we will follow that up by sending you an acknowledgement.
  2. We will confirm when the goods are ready to be shipped and your payment will then be processed. 
  3. We will endeavour to meet your preferred delivery date/time subject to us contacting you should there be any reason why we might not be able to comply with your request.

If you have any particular delivery requirements please note them in the 'Delivery Instructions' box when placing your order.  Again, we will endeavour to meet these but must inform you that our driver can only drop goods off adjacent to the delivery vehicle.   


We want your delivery experience to be as smooth as possible so it would be helpful if, when placing an order, you could inform us of any restrictions that there may be on site. In particular, we need to know;

  • If you require the delivery vehicle to drive onto your property/land (All deliveries normally kerb side)
  • If there are ANY overhead cables nearby, particularly power-lines.
  • If there are any width restrictions either accessing the site or on the site/property. i.e. Is there a narrow road with cars parking on either/both sides?
  • If there are any manholes or drain covers that may have a weight restriction.
  • Or, if there are any other known restrictions or hazards that we may need to be aware of.

You, or someone acting for you, should be available to receive the goods when we deliver unless it has been pre-arranged otherwise. 

Is there a delivery charge?

For all ZONE 1 orders under £40 (inc. VAT) there is a £10 delivery charge.  

For all ZONE 2 orders under £50 (inc. VAT) there is a £15 delivery charge.