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HG Parquet Power Cleaner
HG Parquet Power Cleaner

HG Parquet Power Cleaner

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HG parquet power cleaner (p.e. polish remover) (HG product 55) has been specially developed for the fast and easy removal of stubborn dirt and grease from varnished parquet floors. It is also suitable for the removal of polish and other protective films, such as HG parquet protective coatings (HG product 51/52). This product is absolutely safe for the varnish layer.
Dissolve 1 litre in half a bucket (5 l) of lukewarm water and apply with a floor cloth or mop. Leave to work for approximately 5 minutes. Then remove the solution from the surface with a floor cloth or mop, regularly rinsing and wringing it out in water. (A water extractor can be used if required.) Finally, mop the floor again with clean water.
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