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HG Natural Stone Impregnating Protector
HG Natural Stone Impregnating Protector

HG Natural Stone Impregnating Protector

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HG natural stone impregnating protector (HG product 32) is a special pre-treatment for marble and other types of natural stone such as travertine, bluestone, etc. but is also extremely suitable for concrete tiles with pieces of stone incorporated, such as granite and marble composite. This unique product is absorbed deep in the pores of the stone, therefore rendering it less absorbent. This prevents penetration of dirt and (grease) stains, without affecting the original character of the natural stone or sealing the floor off from moisture from below, ensuring the floor can continue to “breathe” as it were. This product does not contain silicon, it is quick drying and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Apply the liquid evenly in one direction, using a paint roller. Now leave to work for 10 minutes and then remove any leftover product using a dry, lint free cloth. One litre is enough for 10-50 square metres of floor area, depending on how porous the floor is.
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