PVA is probably one of the most versatile products available.  As well as an admixture it can be used for bonding, priming and sealing in a number of different situations.  In addition to standard PVA we carry some alternative types to cope with some of the more specialised tasks.

Glues & Adhesives 

Glues & Adhesives
These days there are a myriad of different adhesives that allow almost anything to be stuck to anything; some of them even remove the need for nails.


Mastics & Silicones
Like glues and adhesives there are many different mastics and silicones for different jobs; for sealing anything from bathrooms to brickwork and concrete. 


Adhesive Tapes
We have tapes for joining DPM’s (Damp-Proof Membranes), jointing plasterboards, insulating electrics and of course, a “Gaffer” style tape for all those other jobs.


Tile Adhesive & Grout
Our ‘Fix & Grout’ is a premium grade adhesive that is also formulated to be used as a grout.  It also contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth.

Expanding FOAMS

Expanding Foams
Commonly used these days to fill those awkward gaps in buildings.  When applied, the foam expands to fill the gap then sets to provide an insulated, draught free filler which can be cut, sanded and painted as required.


Fire & Smoke Seals
As well as the fire resistant expanding foam we carry a selection of strips that help to seal around doorways in case of fire.  The strips expand when subject to heat and help to prevent the spread of the fire without impeding safe exit from the room/building.